The Future of the Church

Source: Vatican II Essays “The Church in Canada”

Richard Shields: “The “who” in “who will read the signs of the times?” are the People of God. The future of the Church in Canada is in the hands of the people.”

Lea’s Response to quote above:  The future of the Church worldwide is in the hands of the People of God! And right now, walk away they should! The “sensus fidei” is on target.  Unfortunately they are walking away from Catholicism, a universal Church which has so much more to offer than what the Roman Rite holds as its divine right to define and contain as Catholicism.

When will the “gray hairs” who have experienced the power of the Spirit Moving in Vatican II take a last bold step and free Vatican II from its suppression in the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church?

When will we together proclaim Vatican II as an equal inter-independent rite alongside the 23 Eastern rites in union with Rome? (Whether Rome wishes to be in union with us at this time is its decision.)

Imagine what this new rite could do for the universal Church in terms of diversity.  Just as the Eastern rites have their own theological perspectives, their own liturgical expressions, and their own methods of governance to contribute to the universal Catholic Church, so could the Vatican II Rite.

Will we not exercise this power we have to open the Church to equal participation in decision-making for women, LGBT persons, and for so many others?

Imagine the possibilities for inculturation and multi-cultural communities…the possibilities for ecumenism that were short-circuited soon after Vatican II!

Should we instead stand back in more and more humble obedience to a Roman Rite which has declared itself the universal Church with sole power to interpret the working of the Holy Spirt in Vatican II?

The Roman Rite NEEDS a Vatican II Rite!  All the Catholic Rites NEED each other as challenge to see differently.  The universal Catholic Church NEEDS a Vatican II Rite as much as it needs the Roman Rite and the 23 other Eastern Rites!

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