Vatican II…Going the Way of Climate Change?

Like the adversaries of the climate change movement, many in the Church pacify themselves with the idea that change happens in centuries.   Trouble is, we don’t live any longer in an age where change happens strictly at a century-by-century pace.

Meanwhile, the Spirit of Vatican II as a “game-changer* “is locked away securely in a Roman vault where it can be safely guarded, controlled and memorialized.

*game-changer…that which changes
the way things are thought about,
the way things are done,
the way things relate to each other in new contexts.

Pope Francis is a game-changer in his own way, yet even he keeps the Spirit of Vatican II away from the “rooms” where doctrine is stored, making his game-changing moves dependent on his own longevity, health, and good will.

Theologians and others, who work to revive Vatican II within the Roman Church these days, do their reform work very carefully so as not to disturb the organization that can make or break their careers.

Many espouse the belief that the Church is working at the Holy Spirit’s pace.  And who determines the Holy Spirit’s pace?

COULD WE BE FAILING TO REALIZE??…THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT MIGHT BE DEPENDING ON OUR COURAGE to bring Vatican II  out from under Rome’s claim of sole control over the interpretation and implementation of the Second Ecumenical Vatican Council in our world and Church?

Rome is perfectly free to normalize or spiritualize Vatican II and its implementation within Roman Rite Catholicism, but NOT within the realm of universal Catholicism.   There are many Catholic Churches in union with Rome.

The Pope is the Bishop of Rome, brother-rite/church to 22 other Catholic rites/churches which were also full voting members of the Second Ecumenical Vatican Council of the Catholic Church. These 23 other Catholic rites/churches are in full union with the Roman Rite/Church.

As some are perfectly free to go on ignoring the threat of CLIMATE CHANGE…TO THE PERIL OF OUR CHILDREN AND AND OUR CHILDREN’S CHILDREN’S CHILDREN…

…so, too, Catholics are likewise perfectly free to sit back and allow Vatican II to fade into the background of our unchanging Church…citing age, helplessness, or despair as reasons for not heeding the threat of the very extinction of Catholicism and perhaps even Christianity itself.

* **********************************************************************

There are alternatives to schism when we envision the future of the Church…alternatives NOT based on changing the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church. There is also an alternative NOT based on forming another catholic church separated from Rome.

In fact, the alternative already exists among us by virtue of all the local Vatican II communities, both throughout the world and online. Together we comprise a Vatican II Church, whether Roman Rite Catholicism recognizes us or not. This Catholic Branch/Rite exists whether or not we ourselves recognize it. History will declare what has already taken place through the work of the Holy Spirit among us!

Remember, the Jerusalem followers of Jesus never could have known they were founding a Catholic Church, much less the 23 other present-day official Catholic Rites in union with Rome.  So, too, we do not know what Church history will claim about us…nor should we base our work today on what others will write or think about us in the future.

We may dismiss the idea of a Vatican II Branch/Rite of Catholicism because we dread the work of creating a new organizational structure.   But think…a Vatican II branch of Catholicism in union with Rome might be bi-rite (belonging to both Roman and Vatican II Rites) much as Early Christians were both Jewish and Christian.

We’d love to hear your ideas on all this!
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Warm regards to all,
Sisters Lea and Consilia

5 thoughts on “Vatican II…Going the Way of Climate Change?

  1. It should be possible for Vatican II parishes to emerge from existing sees, by a step by step approach to change.

    Initially, this would be rather like schools labelling themselves as being technology schools, or arts schools – a question of emphasis, not the exclusion of all else, not something a hostile bishop could act upon, just a parish that foregrounds the greatest modern ecumenical council. Plenty of quotes from JP2, Paul VI, and others to justify making sure that we study and employ Vatican II recommendations, without, tactically, giving immediate offence to the Mafia.

    Next step an association of such parishes, just as there are many other associations within the sees of the Roman Rite, some not looked on with favour. Breaking no rules though. Giving no leverage to those who don’t like the idea and would be vigilant for the least hanging offence. Much of the activity would be in lay hands, and could continue in the event of the appointment of a less than sympathetic PP, providing care is taken to avoid hanging offences.

    It would be cultural change by tactics and strategy. Once such an association of parishes has been formed it can gradually establish its right to exist, as a legitimate emphasis within the Roman Rite.

    Next step, get the pope to give it an ordinariate, or some other status or legitimate recognition.

    Then, a sub-rite, affiliated with the Roman Rite.

    I have seen political parties taken over by strategy, by seeming innocuous rule changes. I have seen noisy minorities placated only then to take over the institution that gave rise to them. The other side can’t be allowed to have a stranglehold on Machiavelli, surely?



    1. Surely, Inigo, this may be the way that Vatican II survives, without “giving immediate offense to the Mafia” as you say. However, like climate change, the question is, does the Catholic Church have all this time, bleeding from the carotid artery, so to speak, as it is these days. Just like the climate, we are used to the idea that change happens in eons with the Church, not in centuries. We don’t believe the Church can be “victim” of the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

      We are of the mind that great courage is needed today in order to act with an unconditional love that is not interested in take over of the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church, but in great respect for the paradigm-shifting direction that Vatican II has opened to the Church ALONGSIDE the ancient and sacred Roman Tradition. We believe that the Church needs both traditions, that one may not cancel out the other.
      AND we really appreciate your comment!

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      1. Yes, there is great urgency, and courage is always required for critique and change. Perhaps there are places where progress can be more rapid with gradualist techniques, and others where more radical approaches are necessary. The connection between the two and reconciliation can be made later. I’m thinking of some of the former missionary countries in Africa where a sort of fundamentalism is dominant. Difficult to make rapid progress there. In developed countries, a more direct approach might work better. Maybe we need a non-conservative, Vatican II Archbishop Lefebre (Sp?) figure?

        best wishes,



      2. Yes, we see your points. As for a non-conservative, Vatican II Archbishop, Inigo, perhaps it will happen as you say. Yet we see Vatican II as a less structured prophetic rite (including other cultural expressions of Vatican II)… as A Vatican II sister/brother rite to its Roman Rite brother with its strong institutional structure.
        Best wishes for you and thanks so much for your thinking and sharing on this site!

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