Pope Francis is a good and holy man!  Many think he can save the Catholic Church from ripping apart at the seams.  Maybe so, but we think NOT!

Pope Francis’ job is to hold the threads of unity together as long as possible…
…even if that unity “cannot” surrender hierarchy as the model for God & Church,
…even if that unity “cannot” recognize the sexism of patriarchy,
…even if that unity “cannot” recognize sexual relationship outside man-woman marriage,
…even if that unity “cannot” discuss certain topics like women’s ordination,
…even if that unity must protect the image of the Church AT ALL COST.

The divisions in the Church at this point have grown so wide that the possibility of a common interpretation of Scripture, Tradition, morality, governance, theology, liturgy is all but nil for many.  Some of the Church’s most faithful and active members are becoming the quickest to permanently walk out the doors, according to new research.
We are two non-canonical Sisters, each of us with a life investment in service and love of the Catholic Church.  We lived through Vatican Council II, witnessing first-hand the inspiring and fruitful time after that Council.  Starting with Paul VI  and Humanae Vitae, however, Vatican Offices slowly moved to censure Vatican II bishops, theologians, priests, nuns and lay organizations.

As far as we and others like us see, the way to prevent outright schism in the Church we love is to invoke the ancient tradition of diverse Catholic Rites in communion with Rome.  There are today 20+ Eastern Catholic Rites in full union with Rome.  Diagram of Rites/Churches From Jerusalem +   Some of these rites were born of schism, but the earliest tradition of Peter and Paul in Acts of the Apostles was an amicable separation in union with each other, an amicable separation which included different understandings of Jesus message and different visions for the Church.

So today, as in times past, could the Holy Spirit be calling some of us to RAISE Vatican II from COUNCIL to RITE alongside the Roman Rite?  Given the internet and other available resources, we believe this to be a viable solution to the polarization that is ripping our Catholic Church apart.  We believe the Vatican II Rite to be perhaps the ONLY SOLUTION to avoid the very real possibility of schism.

If you see wisdom in the proposals we offer on this site…if you have a proposal to offer…
If you believe theology, governance, liturgy need transvaluation in the spirit of Vatican II…
If you want to be part of bringing the Vatican II Rite into existence…
If you want to leave a Vatican II Catholic legacy to those who follow us…

Then, MAKE YOUR MARK ON THIS WEBSITE!  Challenge, Question, Suggest, and?
…all while keeping the focus on what a Vatican II Rite should look like,
…all while refusing to complain, condone, or condemn the Roman Rite or any other Rite.

Sincere questions, disagreements, ideas, reservations, and challenges WELCOME!



  1. I’ve recently started a site, the ino you provide on this web sitte
    has helpoed me tremendously. Thak you for all of your time & work.
    “Never trust anybody who says ‘trust me.’ Except just this once, of course. – from Steel Beach” by John Varley.


  2. phadde2 says: “A fair question that I would put forth is, “Why not leave?” There are other options, one can choose an Eastern Rite if they wish to be married clergy. One could leave and become an ordained woman minister in the Anglican faith.”

    RESPONSE: “Why not leave?” you ask. Because Vatican II Catholics love the Church every bit as much as Roman Catholics.

    phadde2 says: “The PDF claims there is a history of a diversity; however, there is a history within the Church of putting down dissenters: Arians, Donatists, Nestorians etc. Why wouldn’t it be likely that this wouldn’t be the action of the Roman Church?”

    RESPONSE: No one can be certain what the action of the Roman Rite would be to a Vatican II Rite. However, some in the Roman Rite might be happy to get rid of Vatican II Catholics, a tune which has often been heard in comments on Catholic websites.

    phadde2 says: “In regards to the Vatican II rite, are you supposing this to be the moral progressive out of the two? What if some of the faithful want Priests who are married, and no same-sex marriage or whatever variables as we could discuss many variables. Does this really serve diverse thought? How would the Churches within the diocese be divided up within the new established Rite? Would there be new churches needed? How would a more progressive minded Catholic be served if the closest new Rite is 100 miles way? It appears to be a much more complex issue.”

    RESPONSE: The object of having a Vatican II Rite is not for it to become the morally superior rite, but rather that we learn to respect each other and learn from and challenge each other in loving sister/brotherhood. As for the logistics of a Vatican II Rite, these would have to be worked out by people interested in making it happen. The internet would be the vehicle for this as the idea becomes a work in progress. For now, it is simply a matter of offering up the possibility that a Vatican II Rite could indeed be within our shared Catholic future, possibly sharing buildings with other rites or religions, if need be. As for cafeteria style inclusiveness of man/woman/gay priest, that would not be an issue as all would be welcome. A Vatican II Rite would be structured around Vatican II documents, inclusive of the work of many Vatican II and other theologians, governance based on collegiality and subsidiarity and openness to the Holy Spirit who resolves complexities as s/he will.

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    Many think the pope can save the Catholic Church from ripping apart at the seams. Maybe the only way he can do that is to open us to the idea that Church unity can be saved through diversity, like the diversity of the 20+ operational Eastern Rites now in union with Rome. We need a VATICAN II Rite in the Catholic Church right alongside the Roman Rite…and we NEED it NOW!


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